11 Digital Marketing Trends You Can No Longer Ignore 

As the 2018 development, SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more, is observing a dramatic recovery of digital marketing - which cannot ignore businesses. It may be a time when you can reject artificial intelligence or visual discovery, as the latest block is a science-fiction movie trick, but has gone for a long time. There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are being developed in current high-tech visits and businesses, now their efforts need to be successful. At the top of key trends and it shows what's best for your business today. What could be done for you in the past year cannot work this year because the new trends continue to grow? Here are eleven important digital marketing trends that you can no longer ignore in 2018

1 Artificial Intelligence

Synthetic intelligence plays an important role in marketing today. AI can analyze user behavior and search patterns using social media platforms and blog posts to help users understand how to find their products and services. Source Synthetic intelligence also provides information and suggestions to users. According to the Gartner, up to 2020 customer interactions, without the need of human beings, will be organized by 2020. In 2018, the adoption of AEA will help businesses save costs and speed up the growth, take their edge on the rivals

 2 Programmatic Advertising

Program advertising is essentially using AR to successfully succeed in targeting advertisements and audience, which increases the likelihood of marketing campaign success and customer Reduce the costs of acquisition. According to EE Marketer, 84% digital display ads in the United States will be programming by 2019.

3 Chatbots

Chat boots have a major digital marketing trend in 2018. This AI-based technology uses an instant messaging format to communicate with your customers or site visitors, real-time, day or night, and many businesses already use this feature. Do it by enabling smooth and quick communication with their customers and prospects, it is the ability to meet the growing demands of this highly connected digital era. By 2022, chat bits will help bankrupt and healthcare industries every year, over $ 8 billion per year. Many customers prefer to communicate with chat bits because they are responsible and give answers quickly and accurately and do not lose patience. They offer virtual assisted outstanding customer service, meet customer expectations and automatic recurring tasks that focus on more important work. Chat bits can answer questions, provide complete information about your product and service, and ask an email address to send details without any human involvement. They can also maintain information so that consumers do not need to start with each new conversation. Uber has used chat butt technology to communicate with customers, for this, it is also easy to make vehicles work on Facebook Messenger. Passengers can use the menu to choose the type of menu, make an application, track the car's location, send a time estimate to their friends and pay them.

4 Personalization

Personalization or personal content has become a major part of marketing and will be very important as the growth of 2018 is to ensure the customer's happiness. It provides customers with a unique experience based on their choices and preferences and is considered a better option than "one-size-fits-all" marketing. Data availability, such as purchase history, user behavior, and links, is clicked to help businesses customize their content and promote their ROI. Keep in mind that 74% of the markets believe that the target person increases customer participation. In fact, as Kevin George, head of marketing in email Manx, says, "The future of the email is real-time, behavior-based personalities." Market research suggests that behavioral personal, dynamic emails batch and blast emails are 3 x better. “In the business days, the power of troubles is going through the customization of behavior, interest, and demo-based emails. According to the figures, the open rate for emails with a personalized message was 18.8 percent because no person was made personally than 13.1%. One of the examples of personality is Coca-Cola, in which the "sharing of a coke" in the US is aimed at meeting the earthquake. Personalize Cookie tested personal brands for customers with individual names of the most popular first-names printed on cookie bottles. Due to the stable reduction from 2% to 1.9 billion tunnels after the soft drinking sale in the campaign, a decade's strong coke consumption increased by 2%.

5 Video

Check out these statistics on Video Marketing from Forbes: 
According to YouTube, mobile video consumption every year increases by 100 percent.
By 2019, a video is claimed to claim more than 80% of all web traffic.
Adding a video for email marketing can increase the rate by clicking 200-300%.
90% of customer’s report that product videos help decide their decisions.
After viewing a video about 64% of the customers are more likely to buy online products.
This number shows the importance of adding video to your digital marketing strategy in 2018. And just do not agree to YouTube. To observe high engagement with your video marketing, you can create a video post or start live on Facebook. Spreading social video engagement is shown below: Visualize content allows you to deliver your content effectively to a large number of people through a rich video. According to Forester, a minute video is equal to 1.8 million words. Live video is gaining popularity, interviews, and product demos and "Behind the scenes" events of the events, how to make products in the office, how products are made, etc., with a large number of companies, companies the best way to. Exhibit the face behind their brand, which observers follow the confidence of their audience and see their brand as humanity. According to the Live Stream, 80% of people watch live videos from a brand compared to reading the blog, and 82% of the social positions prefer live video. Social media platforms such as Facebook and In Instagram have begun to streamline live videos in business marketing strategies, starting their live streaming video features.

6 Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a type of word marketing that focuses on using key leaders to run your brand message on a larger brand. Instead, instead of marketing a large group of users, you influence the effects that affect the word for you. “Using the feedback is a very effective marketing tool that attracts customers. An influencer is from famous bloggers and journalists known as celebrities and coordinators or YouTube stars who can help spread the word through your business or product's social channels. These people talk on social media with a large network of followers and talk about a specific brand that they love and use with an audience who already established confidence. Do it since this advertisement is not or the company's success has managed to build a positive image of a brand in mind, it helps attract customers. Because two of three people say "Consumer Electronics is posted online," Infrared Marketing has handed over 11 X ROI to other digital media! Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington, who joined the effects of Instagram to promote his watches, included more than 15% discount codes.

7 Social Messaging Apps

 Think that social messaging apps are sending SMS to your friends? Consider these numbers:
1.3 billion Monthly users are active on Facebook
Every month, 2 billion messages will be sent on Facebook Messenger between people and businesses • WhatsApp has 1.3 billion monthly active users
Every day 55 billion messages will be sent via WhatsApp
• YouTube has 1.5 billion monthly users this figure shows the growing popularity of social messaging apps, pointing to those apps to increase their business opportunities.
Because people have been spending a lot of messaging applications, it has to market your company's services, where your potential customers are executed. Social messaging apps may be very beneficial to send messages to customers because they personally allow and increase the value of the users' experience. With more popularity with social apps, 46 percent now prefer to communicate with a business by sending messages to apps instead of e-mail and preferring messages with business on 49.4% fonts.

 8 Visual Search

Visual Search is a new type of search engine and user experience can be completely taken to the new level. With visual search, users can upload an image to find out more and get more specific results. Not surprisingly, Posttest has jumped on a visual search bandwagon - he has raised $ 150 million in the venture fund at $ 12.3 billion to focus on his efforts on visual discovery. They came out with lenses, allowing a new visual search tool to picture the image of a photo to buy it online, find similar products, or a pinpoint of items related to seeing the boards. And Posttest is not the only one with a visual search. Google Lens is a visual search engine from Google, which visualizes objects, sign signs, and other things through a camera app (currently available only on Pixel phones). If you take someone's picture:
Business Card: You can save phone number or address the contact.
You can get the reviews and other details about it.
Mark or building: You can get more details about it.
Painting in the museum you can get details about it.
 There is also its own version of Microsoft, which is called Bing Visual Search and allows users to easily find a specific element inside an image. After finding a picture, you click on one of the results and the "Search" icon appears, you have to select a specific area of interest in the photo. This visual search tool will not only match matching images but also product pages for this item. And camera search is a visual search mobile app, which enables users to find an image from their mobile phone and this app tells you what it is. Instead of typing questions in the search engines, you can post posters information, trailers, movie information, trailers, show times, and local theaters via photos. In order to draw customers and serve them the best products, they can get seamless edges in markets.

9 Micro-Moments

Users in the United States spend an average of 4.7 hours on their smartphones every day; check out social media at least 17 times a day. It is changing that brands have to work to capture the attention of buyers. Micro-moments are a "new consumer behavior", as said by Google, it provides your marketing message clearly and as well as with users - all in seconds Inside (otherwise, they lose their attention and on the next article!). Micro-moments provide accurate information to customers when micro-moments are needed. Usually, people make quick decisions to eat, to choose, buy, or to go to restaurants. New moments that every marketer should know about:

10) Voice Search

In this digital era, it is possible to answer almost all questions through search engines. When people can easily get comprehensive information, they do not always have to read through many paragraphs to get information through the paragraph. Voice Search plays an important role in providing all relevant information through audio content. Alixa, Sri and Google have also decreased as artificial intelligence is getting intelligence and errors made by voice support. Many brands have included sound-based content in their digital marketing strategy to provide efficient-based content to their customers. Domino's Pizza uses Sound Search technology to increase its sales, so lets customers order pajamas by Alexa. The growing use of audio search has made companies significantly revised their digital marketing strategy in 2018.
Search for 50% will be looking for sound by the year 2020
20% mobile questions on Google are voice search
Search for Bing has 25% of the search results
10% of audio search queries are made using sound

11) Social Media Stories

With the growing popularity of social media, marketers need to consider this format in their digital marketing strategy. Boyfriend marketers can use live video to promote engagement and brand awareness, the most profitable social rollout. Again, people emphasize your marketing strategy, emphasizing people not engaging with your business. The first snapshot came out with the concept of "My Story", and then these Instagram and Facebook stories were introduced, and now YouTube has announced its own story, "Reels." In November 2017, Instagram stories hit 300 million active users. Since stories have disappeared after a fixed time, it is a great opportunity to make the photo for markets. With short-focus sponsors, users like to see content and visuals that expires, so brands are putting their efforts in stories of the story and create more interesting but privacy content. You can highlight your employees in stories, show stories behind creating a product, ask for reviews about your products and services, and offer a glimpse of pictures and videos on scenes behind your company. Use this list of marketing campaign marketing stories as encouraging you.

Final Words

This year promises to be the market for digital marketers. It offers great new opportunities for brands and communicates with its target market all over the way. Customer experience has become the most important factor for digital change, and 2018 will be more about personalized engagement. Whether you are looking for visual search in your strategy or artificial intelligence, you will be able to create engaging content, be able to reach larger and better-targeted viewers, get more leads and get conversions Will increase