New Year is fast approaching, and we are already looking forward to determining the direction of their digital marketing campaigns when they enter 2018. As the digital world is constantly changing, many marketers are thinking if their best movement is to be on the 2017 project or a different route chart. To help you here are five important trends that will consider developing the 2018 strategy.


What are the micro-moments you ask? An amazingly familiar action with less-known moniker Google defines this term as something "it happens when people get out of the refrigerator device." Basically, it is when you pick up your phone immediately to learn or find your phone. This is the fact that you know if this is the actor, whether Spider is poisonous, and so on. He has proven that mobile gadgets have significant effects on the interaction with customer engagement and brands. For micro-moments to promote continuity to reach our mobile phone, to detect specific item supplies to your local market, how do you look for your purpose to buy a home? Are Most of us regularly doing this, but research shows that most people are not sure about Google Quickly Information. In fact, about 96% of your smartphones use rapidly to learn new facts or to find important pieces of information. By providing accurate information to the right customers at the right time, bad brands can accurately approach when the micro plus maybe. The idea is that they expect their needs, it does not matter, and there may be a constant impact on customer relationships.

Influencer Marketing

Well, before you open your eyes and say, "Impact marketing was very big in 2017, how is this trend?" Listen to us yes the effectiveness of marketing in the year 2017 was extremely popular. For this time, this term uses Instagram (and other) effects to enhance the completion of a brand message. Literally, due to the positive results for the marketing of Mouth marketing, according to collective seeds, 70 percent of the ingredients have influenced their peers' recommendations in buying decisions. The same survey shows that 30% of users of non-celebrated blogger need to recommend this product. Some industry pundits feel that marketing of marketing is losing their face, because of the increasing cause of fraud or fraudulent followers. Large payments required by some influential maximize its impact. He said that development in artificial intelligence is helping identify fraudulent accounts and, as this technique scale, the impact of marketing should increase.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is getting a lot of money and will not be ignored by marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, we will see AI Corp in a long list of marketing applications. As this area is getting adolescent, here we will soon influence it in some ways. Here are a few examples:
  •  Email marketing is also changing. With us with email, marketers will be able to work better with things like email personal, A / B testing, and more. When we drag the names and figures for a while, the AI will soon take our efforts one step further, possibly we will help to help which messages are working, and which But can be improved.
  •  Website Personalization By checking user history on your website personally steps one step forward on the website. From there they can provide relevant content with them, as they are in the buyer's journey. Brands need to start using ea. to see solutions for marketing now.
  •  Your Digital Assistant Artificial intelligence can be used to increase sales, marketing, and customer support. Brands that can initially opt out can find, AI capabilities to cut costs, speed up growth or create things or operate things more easily. Long story short it's better to jump on your next wave in innovation before your opponent

The New SEO

The SEO is changing at all times - with a permanent change here. Although Google's latest algorithms will end up the things for updated markets. Keywords, for instance, will need to emphasize the custom, natural, long-tail key phrases for the growing popularity of voice search - which you can imagine, work more like we really talk think What are the trends in digital marketing in 2018 Versus marketing trends 2018 Sound transfer is being heard from sound recognition because voice search is less frustration and very user-friendly. SEO elements will be affected by search history, keyword research, location statistics and more. In addition, the search engines are getting better at what they are looking for to find while entering a query in the Google search box. More users write full queries in the search engines, so data and motivation are collected, provide more targeted results. This year, the head of your target audience will be very important. People ask questions and follow these questions with your SEO strategy.

Ad Blocking

Because 63% of the ingredients use ad blocks for some time, the marketers will be ready to allocate their budget to prevent their ads. Because the ads are blocks, you know, to stop advertising, markets will need to get more Intel on the consumer viewing habits of their customers. One way to start this book is to investigate with customers that to know whether existing advertising strategies are effective or not. The workers include the above mentioned, social media and things like marketing, and within it. You can have the best bet in order to meet the ad blocks internally. Advertising is required with networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. These entire are doing some excellent ads at this time platform hub. Every time you Index a new page you have a new opportunity to search engines," so blog posts and articles still work to improve the SEO of a website. Despite the popularity of ad blocks, the marketers will achieve this successful success. Google is already filtering advertisements that they think web users are disturbed and an audit is required to know the markets that are not trying through their viewers. It is likely to improve customer relations because malicious ads are based on the right to marketing and engaging in better content marketing, excluding westerner ads that prevent our online experience.

Final Words

The circle is extremely unlikely to connect and engage their target market for different brands and businesses, such as digital technology such as AI has increased their profile. The five key trends described below show what happens to the current trends - to prevent ads about prevention, infection profiles, and more. Being ready for the end of the year will give you a competitive edge. Contact Pix lee for the free demo and learn how we can help you move forward in the New Year.